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Buying a house with a pool?

Before purchasing a new house with an inground pool, you will want to ensure the pool is in good working condition and that you won’t be inheriting problems you won’t want to deal with in the future. It is just as important to get a professional swimming pool inspection done as it is to get a home inspection when you are buying a house.

You need to be specifically qualified to conduct a pool inspection, so not all home inspectors can do so. Let us handle your inspections─ we are certified CPOs with over 30 years’ commercial and residential experience and know what to look for!

Pool Inspection services include:

  • Safety features such as anti-drowning systems and barriers
  • Physical condition of pool
  • Equipment condition and pool operating systems
  • Additional design and convenience features
  • Equipment infrastructure and yard conditions, including electrical system and drainage

Now offering POOL SCHOOL!

Learn how to maintain your own pool

Includes initial education and training in pool opening- let us show you what to do from start to finish

removing pool cover, installing ladder, handrails, baskets, etc.
vacuuming, backwashing filter
adjusting water balance, distribution of chemicals, chemical readings
priming of pump, setting timer on pump

Return as needed within first 2 cleanings for supervision and additional training

Available for phone consultation during education and startup period

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